OYO Geospace Manufacturer boosts Their Sales By The Help Of SEO

Posted on January 16, 2018October 4, 2018Posted in Space Exploration

Up until recently, all I’ve been using to promote my business was social media platforms. It made a lot of sense, considering the fact that billions of people use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter every single day. The problem, however, was I didn’t get the results I wanted. That prompted me to look into search engine optimization. I knew I had little time on my hands to learn about the different techniques to implement, so I used montreal seo services instead.

With a website up and running, the service started with an SEO audit. This involved identifying what needs to be improved on my site, from the page load speed and URL structure to the internal links and the content itself.

After the audit is when the excitement really begins. I discovered that keyword selection was critical to the success of my website. By targeting keywords that potential customers use, regardless of how small their search volume, I could attract targeted traffic, thus giving me more opportunities to put my products in front of visitors who have a real interest in them. This proves much better than trying to generate random traffic on social, which often leads to poor conversion rates.

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