Geospace Technology Products manufacturer

Posted on December 21, 2017Leave a commentPosted in Space Exploration

Since 1980, Geospace Technologies has been developing innovative products for seismic data acquisition as a part of the oil and gas industry’s global search for more energy reserves. Since inception, the Geospace Technologies engineering team has planned an innovative cableless seismic acquisition system. Recently, Geospace Technologies has successfully introduced the GSX, the Geospace Seismic Recorder, a cableless seismic data acquisition system, which dramatically changes the economics and productivity of its seismic acquisition customers. This is a concrete example of how Geospace Technologies’ innovation results in game-changing products for the seismic acquisition industry.
Geospace Technologies also manufactures cables and umbilicals along with marine seismic products, deep ocean-bottom seismic acquisition systems, and borehole-deployed seismic acquisition systems – all resulting from its deep industry experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities. In a somewhat different vein, Geospace Technologies has transformed a thermal graphics line, originally developed for seismic plotting applications, into a large-scale thermal printing solutions business.
From geophones to printheads, land to deep sea systems, innovative engineering and manufacturing excellence are at the heart of every project Geospace Technologies undertakes.